Cancun Destination Wedding: Sara + Michael

Guys. This wedding is hard to blog because I feel like words and photos can't do it justice! 

First of all, our warm weathered trip swiftly changed its course as a tropical storm made its way to the shore. In other words, the blue skies were no where to be found and it POURED RAIN the entire time. And when I say "rained," I mean like cats and dogs, nonstop, crazy rain. Not to mention the high humidity and 85 degree weather... so basically our bodies (and my gear) were completely drenched in water the entire time. 

BUT, let me tell you something. There is something so magical about rain on your wedding day. I know it sounds cliché, but it's so so true. The rain sorta kicks everyone in the butt and makes them care less about how they look and how to act and INSTEAD basically just inspires everyone to get up and party. 

Also, let's back up a bit, Sara & Mike decided to do a cute couples session the day before their wedding. It's midnight and my brain hurts so the words are escaping me...but basically everything about this trip was magical and amazing.

Enjoy, friends.