Bohemian Wedding in the Woods: Felicia + Gabe

A macrame ceremony arbor, a two-piece dress, a doughnut wall, a classic car, a wedding in the woods. Uhm…yes this wedding was THAT good.

Felicia and Gabe have (cue the cheesy music) a love that’s undeniable. BUT BEYOND THAT, they have a beautiful friendship and a shared faith in Christ that is so inspiring. Their church family is so supportive and inclusive I literally feel like I know them all (just 1 of the 1038483 reasons to go to church, right? haha).

Let’s talk about the venue for a second, shall we. The Foxwood House was one of my favorites to date! The space was HUGE and I loved that the owners opened up their very own forest hideaway for the ceremony. It felt like you were secluded and completely immersed in nature (which you were). But then you were able to walk right back into the venue for the reception…so that’s a double bonus.

Felicia is like a budget bride GOALS. Would you believe it if I told you she got her giant macrame backdrop off Amazon!? It looked absolutely stunning. The rug was her own, but you could totally get one at Home Goods, Target, World Market, etc. I’ll drop a list of vendors below so make sure to get it out.

I loved everything about it - the food, the setting, the decor, the community, everything. Scroll through and you’ll quickly see why.




Venue: The Foxwood House
Videographer: Miranda Lyn Video
Dress: Marcellas (custom gown)
Groom’s Attire: TopShop from Nordstrom
Makeup: Denise Azure Barr
Dessert: Sweet Frostings
Hair Stylist: Sam Fetters
DJ: Forest Ewing
Florals: Holly Baublitz 


This video is by Miranda Lyn Video, who did an AMAZING job at capturing the spirit and emotions of the day. I could watch it over and over again.

Absolutely loved filming this wedding for this Jesus' lovin couple. This wedding was so intimate and authentic I had the most amazing time being apart of this special day. - Miranda Lyn Video