River Bridals: Dmitriy & Katie

Okay, could this session be any more dreamy?

Katie and Dmitriy got married in December and wanted to do something unique for their bridal photos. Since her wedding was over and "she is only going to wear her dress once," why not "trash the dress?" We walked to my favorite hidden gem on the Spokane River - a gorgeous beach surrounded by mountains, rocks, flowers, and a dried up river bed (seriously too cool). We danced and sang to some worship music (I told you they were a dream) and took some amazing pictures that really captured their unique love. 

Both of these babes come from a huge family - I'm talking like 7+ siblings each - and I could really tell they had a deep foundation of faith, love, and family. I LOVE IT!

Katie led the way and literally inspired us all. Keep scrolling and you'll see how incredibly her wedding dress is, AND how huge. When it was completely submerged in water, it must have weighted 1,000 pounds. Seriously. She pulled her hubby in the water, I was up to my butt in the water as well I will add, as they swam, rolled, skipped, and laughed in the freezing cold river water.

I LOVE adventurous couples and am so thankful to have met these two beautiful souls. ENJOY!