Senior Portraits: Emma Hill

You know when you meet someone and you just click? *No this is not the beginning to a romantic story*

Anyway, that’s me and Emma, aka, BAE. I literally love this girl and laughed SO hard throughout our entire session. We gossiped a little, talked a lot, and had a TON of fun. Can she just be my BFF?

Besides our infallible bond, LOOK AT THESE GORGEOUS PHOTOS! Of course there was dancing, and frolicking, and model poses (duh), but let’s not forget to mention the fabulous finds: abandoned cars, hidden forrests, and city views.


To all you viewers (hopefully there are some and I’m not just talking to myself) – Thanks for hangin’ out with me on my site and I hope these pics give you major #SeniorSunday excitement. Message me and let’s make some magic of our own!