At Home with Puppy Theo: Liz & Michael

I'm not sure what's better - the fact that Liz had the yummiest snacks awaiting me or that these photos are actual gold? 

I literally took over 2,000 photos during this session & there are just too many good ones to post - so stay with me until the end! Liz and Mike were SO FUN - they ran around with their new furbaby, cuddled on the couch, jumped on the bed, strummed to the guitar, relaxed in the tub, peered out the window, were silly and goofy and intimate and ALL THINGS THE MAKE A RELATIONSHIP SPECIAL. 

They also become sweet friends and I have no doubt that I'll be forcing them to get in front of my camera again soon, so #staytuned lovers

I encourage you to keep scrolling and not to miss out on all the goodies! And, of course, if you love love them drop a fun note in the comments and let me know. (*kiss face*)