Tattooed Lovers | Spokane In-Home: Kylie & Brandon

Loud music, polaroid cameras, a little day-drinking, and two people in love...I'm all for it. 

Please refrain from viewing these photos if you're afraid of booty grabs and good lookin' peoples. 

But in all seriousness, I had SO much fun during this morning in-home session. Kylie & Brandon were just so natural and transparent with their relationship and you can totally tell in the photos. 

I wish I would have taken more photos of Kylie's polaroid CAMERAS, because it's a collection I'm insanely jealous of. You'll see numerous photos she's snapped and I think they're just the cutest items to place around the house. 

La, la, la I have blogged too many sessions in a row to come up with anything else unique to say. (Hopefully I'll come back and edit this later... haha). Long story short, Kylie & Brandon are freakin' awesome, I love them, they're gorgeous humans, and their love is cuter than their cat named Penny.