Spokane Adventures: Hannah & Parker

This session was full of laughter and silliness and I loved every minute of it.

Hannah (golf extraordinaire) and Parker (track star) are the absolute cutest. We visited the most amazing view in Spokane - the sun was hot (we were definitely sweating) and the park was completely quiet - we had it all to ourselves! I will note, though I probably shouldn't, that Parker gave me his Oakley sunglasses to hold, and I literally lost them...

HOWEVER, I found them after returning back to search the entire plot of land. So praise Jesus for answered prayers!

**ALSO - no they are not engaged. They're just two super beautiful people that I am blessed to photograph. (I note this because I always have people ask and I don't want them getting bombarded)

Anyway - after skipping around mountaintops and taking part in some minor trespassing, we made our way downtown to the cutest little market area, had a subpar piece of apple rhubarb pie, & relaxed on the patio. Just saying - I love Spokane #PNWforlife

Exploring my city (and other cities) is one of my favorite things to do, so if you're like me, enjoy good company, lots of laughter and corny jokes, book me like ASAP.

Thanks to Hannah & Parker for being such cool people (don't be surprised if I ask you guys to just hang out)