Summer Love: Macauley & Kayden

During this photoshoot I remember being exhausted.

I was finishing up my finals, preparing for a work event, attempting to visit all the graduations and parties that I could, and fit two photoshoots in one day. As soon as I met up with Macauley and Kayden, I swear it was like I was able to just hang out with friends, listen to music, photograph some magic, and CHILL! I loved the way they looked at each other, you’ll see in the photos. Kayden even asked me if I could take a couple individual pics of Macauley (of course – she is literally model status) and then his eyes lit up as he gazed at his woman across the field. (*cue the violin*) It was precious.

AH I love these peeps. And I love the love they have for each other.

If you have a honey and find yourself in need of some photographic keepsakes, PLEASE shoot me a message // I would love to capture your uniqueness just as I did for these two cuties.