Vintage Vibes: Kelsie Sinclair

Guys! I'm seriously STILL dying over this session (insert crying emoji here).

I could have actually included every single picture I took in this blog - that's how fun we had.

As you can see from the featured image...Kelsie made my entire year with the most adorable vintage VW bug. It's her dad's pride and joy (as is she) and she just LIT UP and it was such a meaningful and playful way for us to capture her life and personality. I just love everything about it.

Of course, we had just as much fun playing with balloons, adventuring on mini hikes, taking part in some minor trespassing through barbed wire, and then shivering through a sunset dip in the (very cold) river. Kelsie - you're up for anything and you're freakin' awesome!

We had a few of our locations mapped out and then we just adventured and explored off-road gems for some of the best magic. THANK YOU, Kelsie, for being so dang cool.

Enjoy the gorgeousness, my peeps!


P.S. How great is that quote on her shirt?

"Don't look back, you're not going that way!"

Should be my new motto.