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Seattle Wedding Photographer Cassie Trottier Photography



couples, engagements, anniversary

Whether you’re planning for engagements with “Save the Date’s” in mind, anniversary photos for an updated Insta profile pic, or a random couple’s session just for fun and maybe for some new photos on the wall, I guarantee you’ll have a freakin’ BLAST.

I include engagement sessions with all local wedding packages because I believe in them so much. Even THE MOST gorgeous people I know are sometimes nervous for photoshoots, so don’t even worry if you’re feeling a little anxious, you don’t “feel photogenic,” you claim to be awkward, you hate that double-chin, or you’re worried about your outfit choice. That’s NOT what it’s about. It’s beer on the top of a mountain in your Carhartt beanie or your favorite ripped jeans, it’s wearing your man’s oversized flannel and cuddling your fur-babies, or it’s dancing in an open field with no one around because you’re awesome and you can and it’s actually really fun.

All that matters is that you’re in love and you’re BFFs. I’ll handle the rest.

Session cost: $650 

Seattle Wedding Photographer Cassie Trottier Photography

THE BEST DAY with your best person

weddings and elopements

Holy crap - if you’re reading this, that means you’re planning a wedding. First, let’s just take a moment to celebrate you because planning this stuff is NO JOKE. I don’t care if you’re organizing a 200+ guest traditional wedding with a rager reception or a small cabin elopement in the woods with 20 people - it’s a feat regardless. But photos don’t have to be part of that stress.

Your wedding day will be one of the best days, it will be here and gone too fast, and it will be a lifetime. I want you to mingle and hang out with friends and make out with your bae when no one is watching while I’m spider ninja-ing around the venue taking photos of it all. ALSO if you’re reading this, that means you’re drawn to my photographic style so believe me when I say it’s all about being PERSONAL. Once you put an inquiry with me, I’m like a best friend, Pinterest extraordinaire, and idea giver all in one.

I’ve got your back so let’s do this!


Elopements: begin at $1,700
Local Weddings: begin at $3,000
Stateside weddings: $3,800

Seattle Wedding Photographer Cassie Trottier Photography

Your LIfelong team

family and maternity

Let me clarify - I do couples sessions with kiddos that tag-along. Basically this means I do not do extended family portraits, adult family sessions, family sessions with high-school kids, etc. Instead, this is all about the love, friendship, and partnership between two souls that created life together or are sustaining those lives together (haha you parents are amazing). These sessions are focused on candid moments, real life emotion, everyday tasks, and remembering this SPECIFIC time in your babies journey of life. I want to capture the eye rolling, pancake making, cereal drooling, on-the-bed-jumping, crazy cute kiddos that you call “yours.”

Similarly, I do “couples-maternity” sessions. You & bae together as you get ready to welcome a new life into this world. Pretty dang celebratory, I’ll say!

Session cost: $550

Spokane Senior Photographer Cassie Trottier

Channel your inner pinterest model

portraits and seniors

This is how I found my way into photography - forcing my sister and her friends to “model” for me and my super cool digital camera. And I STILL freakin’ love them.

Have you ever had your photo taken? I mean you might be Kendall Jenner, but I’m the most awkward person ever…which is literally how I learned to help other people to NOT feel uncomfortable. I guarantee you will be a little nervous or unsure of yourself to start, but I also can promise you will loosen up WAY more than you even thought. You’ll be bad & boujee by the end and feeling’ like the goddess you are.

Head over to PORTRAITS for more information.

Package start at $600


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