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+ Christ-follower | wife | friend

+ residing in Spokane, WA

+ actually obsessed with my dog

+ fan of early 2000 alternative rock (who wants to head bang to Panic! at the Disco?)

+ 8 chapsticks in my purse at all times (you must own these)

+ lover of giddy, silly, semi-blurry, authentic, in-the-moment snapshots 

+ unhealthy love affair with the midnight hours

+ official advocate for sweat pants & messy bun

+ hopelessly addicted to TacoBell (Crunchwraps & Mt. Dew Freezes)

+ still swooning over my cute hubby, Matt. He is 6'4" with big muscles and a man-bun #goals

+ just want to travel

+ give me a good book at some iced tea

+ Law & Order, Criminal Minds, Grey's Anatomy, & Gregory House. If you're unfamiliar, I'm sad for you

banner photo by the beautiful Peyton Byford

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About Me


People ask me how I became a wedding photographer and I'm never quite sure how to explain it. Like all great things, it just sort of happened. 

I'm based in Spokane, WA (picture endless Evergreen trees, all four seasons, local restaurants, gorgeous lakes, and way too much road construction in the summer), where my life is filled with lots of prayers, inappropriate jokes, the best family ever, movie references, long nights, and good friends. I could sit and laugh at Facebook videos for HOURS (current favs: one, two, three), and believe life is too short to avoid fast food restaurants in effort to be skinny. 

In terms of photography, my work is less about technicality and posing - it's about relationships, friendship, nostalgia, memories, and personality.  It’s forgetting about the world while you explore a new location or your heart beating fast as you read your vows for the first time. It’s about uninterrupted time with your person…no cake or bouquet toss’s or family drama to get in the way. Just you, your lover, and a special place.

It's the raw, in-between moments that give me goosebumps and allow my pictures tell your unique story. 


My Style

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Liz Vaugin Spokane Wedding Photographer Cassie Trottier
Cassie Trottier

Dramatic, long drawn-out poses are not my type and I am strongly opposed to standing around all stiff-like attempting to match a pose off Pinterest. I want to adventure with YOU, so taking direction from bystanders and fighting to get your attention isn't ideal.

 Instead, I play music, dance around, make a fool of myself and find fun ways to help you comfortably and easily express your unique style! My sessions feel like a super sappy, love-filled date with a long time friend and professional third-wheel (me) or just a day out with your bestie for portrait sessions. I can almost guarantee you'll be nervous, you "won't know what to do with your hands" and you may be self-conscious of your double-chin. But I will HELP you find comfort in your natural expressions. 

Whether it's leading you away from the crowds, finding hidden spots for you two cute newlyweds to make-out and give intimate embraces, or pointing out the food in your teeth - I'm there for you. I hope that this lifelong investment is dear to your heart, just as it is to mine. I know how fast those hours fly by and it makes my insides get all fuzzy knowing I can provide you with proof that lasts generations. 

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