I have two favorite t-shirts that I made when I was younger; one says: "the weirder the better" and the other says "I love Jesus". Both statements are still true today. 

I'm Cassie - a firm believer of messy buns & sweatpants, a follower of Christ, a student (counting down the days until that's off my bio), a wife to the most handsome man everrr, a crazy/weird/shameless soul who also loves sitting on the couch to watch Law & Order marathons, a lover of witty dad-jokes, a travel-obsessed creator & an adventuring happy person. I have a style that might not be for everyone - but if you like untamed hair, real moments, & photos that make you FEEL something - I'm your gal. 

My camera is my mouthpiece and I can't wait to tell your story.




Let's CONNECT - we can set up a phone call or a Skype session if you don't mind my messy hair & sweatshirt vibe.


I'm an unapologetic weirdo. Head this way if you want to know more about why I'm here and why we should become BFF's over coffee


Full galleries that I'm obsessed with. Grab some popcorn and a glass of Pepsi and get to scrolling!
***or Coke, IF YOU MUST!


Maybe I'm already traveling to your neck of the woods! If so, I pray you have In-N-Out Burger (we don't & it's a crime).