Windy Alaskan Lovers: Leisl + Stephen

This will forever be one of the most memorable photoshoots.

Apparently Beluga Point (where this photoshoot was) is notorious for its gusty winds. Regardless, the particular day, the wind was EXTRA feisty. In fact, the winds broke a record at 85 miles per hour….

yeah, you heard that right.

It was SO windy, I couldn’t even hear them or myself talk. I had to shout SO dang loud. And if you’ve ever worked with me, you know that I’m already super loud and obnoxious, so that’s saying something.

You know in the movies where the wind is so strong it holds people up? That’s what it was like. And…despite all the crazy winds knocking us over, making it hard to walk/run/climb, it was so so freakin’ much fun. It was a photographic challenge positioning and exploring with Leisl while her hair was GOING NUTS, but they turned out amazing and I just can’t thank these two enough for being such troopers.

ENJOY! (and, for the record, Beluga Point is gorgeous and I highly recommend it to anyone visiting Anchorage!)