Industrial Steamplant Wedding: Peyton & Rob

This wedding was a dream - centered around Jesus, focused on relationships, and celebrated with love. 

My first WINTER wedding certainly didn't disappoint. Peyton & Rob became sweet, dear friends of mine. Like seriously...excuse my rambling, but my job might just be the best in the world. It's such a blessing that I get to make FRIENDS along this crazy fun journey. I LOVE how they structured their wedding; their values and their passions were so evident and so inspiring. Just a maid of honor and a best man, a small but impactful ceremony, a family-oriented dinner, beautiful and heartfelt speeches, drinks and desserts, UGH it was magical. 

Pay special attention to the bridal suite! Oh my goodness, this is EXACTLY what to look for when crafting your wedding day - bright, white walls, and a huge source of natural light (the window showed the train going by, Spokane buildings, and a gorgeous skyline). 

Speaking of trains, Rob (the groom) works for the railroad; One of my favorite moments of the entire wedding was in the bridal suite when the flower girl stood on the couch, peered out the window, and said "IS THAT ROB?!" to the train passing by. It was beyond cute. 

ALSO I highly recommend that you bop on over to Peyton & Rob's amazing wedding video done by Miranda Lyn Video. She is AMAZING and captured this gorgeous day so perfectly. Click here to drool over the video magic.