Sunny Vantage Engagements: Victor + Yana

Who knew that there was actually a desert in Washington? 

In Vantage, WA lies the gorgeous Frenchman Coulee. Of course, it was gorgeous BESIDES the slimy little rattlesnake we saw within 20 SECONDS of our photoshoot (not even kidding). It made me slightly squeamish, but a few minutes spent in this sun-filled wonderland cleared my mind right up.

Vantage is always anywhere from 10-20 degrees warmer than Spokane (where I'm based), and I LOVE the contrast of the blue skies against the desert landscape. 

Victor & Yana are basically models. It's fine. I'm drooling and always jealous of their good looks, but yeah, I'm fine. 

I apologize for the 4928135 photos you're about to scroll through, but it's worth it. Enjoy.