Tucson, Arizona Bridals: Brittan & Tommy

This Arizona elopement FEEDS MY SOUL. Guys - just look at how perfectly the sun peaks over the mountains *crying/in love face*.

First, can we all just appreciate the superstar status that a couple with the names: "Brittan and Tommy" has? 

Blessed be the couples who are excited and willing to adventure with me. As a PNW native, I'm well acquainted to fields of evergreen trees and wildflower; but gardens of cacti are NOT familiar to me - which, yes, makes me love it even more. 

Did you know that each cactus' "arm," represents 100 years of age. I recently told my friend to bring me back one from the cutest shop in Chicago, but it cost more than $3,000, so that didn't work out to well. ALSO - it's illegal to damage or remove a cactus in Arizona. I like your emphasis on natural environmental sustainability, AZ, well done. 

Please enjoy these cute humans & the love they share. 


P.S - If you're reading this, please chose to elope under the Arizona sun & hire me.