Mendocino Bluffs Elopement

Where do I start. Seriously this was the type of wedding I LIVE for.

Also - funny story - Whitney and Stephen had initially planned to get married in New Hampshire on personal property, then at a gorgeous mountain lodge, then decided on a 2020 wedding, then quickly decided they would rather elope. We went from Greece to Oregon to Norther California and finally, it stuck. Mendocino is a hidden gem - it’s quiet and quaint, has mild weather and is gorgeously placed amongst MILES of untouched coastline. I’m not even kidding you I felt like I was living in one of the “teenage-dream” drama books I read in high-school.

We started their wedding weekend off with some day before photos, which I’m a HUGE fan of. Not only does it create a place where we get those “nervous-for-photos” jitters out, but it’s such a chill/open environment for us all to REALLY get to know each other in person. I think our session when like an hour late because we were telling stories, laughing, and making fun of each other the entire time. (here is the link for that session, btw!).

As much as I was obsessed with Mendocino itself, this wedding is what gets my heart beating. It wasn’t about a venue, or table linens, or a guest list, or a bridal party, or seating arrangements, or ANYTHING besides Whit & Stephen and their friendship. Whitney had her very best childhood friend fly out to Cali with them to be their officiant and speak their marriage into life. Ugh, am I drooling right now (yeuuuppp).

Anyway, check out the photos and try not to get hungry when you see how they ended their elopement. Supposedly some of the best ice cream and I definitely wasn’t disappointed!




Dress: Stella York
Hair & Makeup: Beauty On Set
Florals: Mendocino Floral Design
Lodging: Albion River Inn
(I stayed at the Beachcomber Motel in Fort Bragg and was OBSESSED)