British Columbia Elopement: Laurel + Reed

Vancouver BC Elopement Cassie Trottier Photography00072.jpg

It's hard for me to caption/explain/describe/blog this session because I feel like nothing can do it justice. 

Plus, I might be most proud of this session; everything about this day spoke to my soul and I literally cannot stop looking at the photos. Laurel & Reed crafted a day that allowed for nothing but fantastic, positive, lifelong memories. Elopements are more amazing than I can even explain, and here's why. 

When deciding and planning out their wedding, Laurel & Reed decided exactly what was important to them on their wedding day and focused on those details. Jesus, family, a meaningful and breathtaking environment, intimacy, and their love for each other were a few of those priorities. By limiting their guest list, streamlining their timeline, and detracting wordly distractions, they were able to select a location and a plan that spoke to their souls and fostered an environment where only joy, love, and bliss could thrive. 

Laurel and Reed created their own tradition and spent their first day as husband and wife adventuring through one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen in my entire life. After a short road-trip to Vancouver, Canada, they took a private seaplane tour to the one and only Malibu Club, which is located about an hour north of Vancouver. After a ceremony on the water and exploring the grounds thereafter, the wedding party hopped on a boat and headed for Chatterbox Falls (the large waterfall you'll see at the end of the blog). Chatterbox is located at the end of Princess Louisa Inlet and has landed itself on numerous yachting "best-of" lists. It's pretty obvious why.

Guys, seriously, their elopement was such a special day and it provided them and their most beloved family members with unique and long-lasting memories. I mean they ACTUALLY traveled by car, plane, AND boat. 

*If you're ever in Vancouver, BC, I HIGHLY recommend taking a seaplane tour around the coastline. In April, when I was there, the winter runoff created stunning waterfalls EVERYWHERE. I'm not kidding the cliffs were just filled with them - in one picture below there are actually 6 waterfalls in one photo (see if you can spot them all).*

After returning home from the Malibu Club, the group headed to dinner at a restaurant that sparked their interest and allowed for them to sit back, order, and relax. Everything about this day was so informal (yet elegant), beautiful (and natural), detailed (but relaxed), and meaningful (yet easygoing). 

Of course I love weddings. But I will not deny how special and personal an elopement is - each one is different and catered to the bride & groom's characteristics. They stand out. They decrease stress. They highlight love and intimacy. They provide an outlet for artistry and creativity. They are too amazing for words. (oh my gosh I could go on forever). 

Cheers to forever, Laurel & Reed. 



+ Wedding Dress: Daughters of Simone from Revolve
+ Men's Attire: Top Shop
+ Location: The Malibu Club (not a wedding Venue)
+ Florals: Celsia Florist      Web     Instagram