Moody Maternity at Home: Spokane, WA

Talk about the best way to spend Halloween.

This October 31st I got to hang with the (very cool and hip) Trav and Briena at their quaint downtown Spokane home. I ALSO got to meet (and photograph) Maci - the cutest four year old of the year - and their cat who will remain nameless because I just don’t remember. BUT he/she/it was even dressed in a Halloween costume and I thought it was hilarious.

Briena, pregnant with Maverick, was ALL ABOUT the simple, moody, sorta grainy and hipster photos at their home. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this vibe. We messed around with their record player, looked at old ultrasound photos, experimented with sunflowers, shook our hair back and fourth, ran around outside in the leaves and got some cute family photos all while doin’ our thing.

These photos are so special and I’m just blessed I was able to document this time in their life.