Mt. Spokane Love Session: Hannah & Mike

I know I say this all the time - but I think this might be my all time favorite session.

Hannah and I became Instagram friends, yes Instagram is my online dating platform for making friendships, and it was a dream come true to photograph her and her adorable husband. Mike is in the military and is based in San Diego, CA - let's all just take a breath and thank him in our minds for such a sacrifice. They go months at a time without seeing each other; I can't imagine how difficult that must be. Regardless, the love they share is honestly contagious, inspiring, and beautiful.

Don't give me wrong - I love doing engagements, seniors, etc., but there is something special about anniversary sessions. As my husband and I celebrated our first year anniversary this year, I was excited to capture the enduring love these two have for each other. I loved it so much so that I'm going to schedule a session for my husband and I to actually GET our pictures taken (Lord help me with being on the other side often camera...)

Please enjoy this gorgeous mountainside session and call me to schedule one of your own.

XOXO Cassie