Torrey Pines Engagements: Jackie & Hector

You know what they say about love and the wind? How you can't see it, but you can feel it? 

Well you could definitely see their love. 

Hector and Jackie met in college, as all great loves stories begin. Side note: both of them are in the medical field and I tip my hat to their incredible intelligence. #jealous. From there, they slowly developed their love and Hector asked her if they could became "intentional friends," as Hector called it. What a gentleman. (Not to mention he successfully pulled off a large-scale proposal surprise for his girl - props to you, Hector)

Honestly, these photos can speak louder than words, but I will say how much FUN I had on this session. We hiked, climbed, snuck under signs, laughed, giggled, and played the most amazing music. I'm pretty sure my husband is now going to take up Salsa dancing...

Their wedding can't come fast enough. Congrats you two love birds!